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Patients who suffer from respiratory disorders may also complain of shortness or breath especially during exercise or simply during walking about. In most cases, shortness of breath during exercise can serve as an indication that there is a lack of proper oxygen flow throughout a patient's body. It can even serve as an indication of cardiac-related issues.

During a pulmonary stress test - simple stress test, a patient will walk at a normal pace for up to 6 minutes, either on a treadmill or on the floor, with a pulse oximeter device on his or her finger to measures heart rate and oxygen levels. During the test, clinical staff will monitor and document heart rate and oxygen levels, while also tracking walking distance. If the patient's oxygen level desaturates to 88% or below, the clinical staff will administer supplemental oxygen to help increase oxygen flow and reduce shortness of breath.
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Pulmonary Stress Testing - Simple Stress Test
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